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What do Auction Clearance Rates Mean for Property Buyers and Sellers?

Clearance Rates Explained

If you’re thinking of selling your property at auction, you’ll want to know what clearance rates are and how they can affect your sale.

TLDR; Clearance rates are a measure of how many properties are sold during an auction at or above the asking price in a particular market:

If clearance rates are high, this means that there is high demand for property and prices are likely to be rising.

If clearance rates are low, this means that there is less demand for property and prices are likely to be falling.

A good clearance rate is 70% or above.

Online Search Index: A Valuable Metric For Understanding Market Demand

More and more Australians are using the internet to research their housing options, and this is having a major impact on the property market. If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re probably using online portals to help you find listings in your desired area. But have you ever wondered how popular your … Read more

Vacancy Rate Metric Explained

Vacancy Rate is the percentage of vacant rental properties in an area reported at the end of quarter period. The lower the rate, the better. Low rates are indicative of under-supplied markets with upward pressure on rents and cash-flow yield. It’s much easier to find tenants in these markets.

Breakdown of Days on Market (DoM) and Discounting Metrics

Days on Market (DoM) and Discounting are important metrics used by real estate professionals to gauge market demand. Over the last 3 months, our data analysts made good progress integrating additional data sources into our dataset, which enabled us to incorporate these 2 metrics into HtAG reports and dashboards.

Our dev team are now focusing on enabling this feature on the site, targeting an early December deadline. In this post, we are releasing the preliminary Q3 DoM/Discounting report for 3,342 suburbs to the public. The table below summarises these 2 metrics for house, townhouse, unit and land sales in Q3.

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